Take a big bite out of that juicy apple (or slice of cheesy pizza!!) … did you think about the taste OR did you think, “I can’t take a bite, I’m missing a tooth”?!?!

We take our teeth for granted every day when they are healthy. But, if one (or two) is missing … that’s another story! It’s embarrassing and inconvenient to be without a tooth or teeth, not to mention over time it can change your entire smile! We work with a lot of patients at Adams Dental Group that want to have their smile AND their bite, back!

The three types of tooth replacement options are dentures, bridges and implants. Each type is vastly different, and your specific needs must be taken into consideration for each. If you are only missing one tooth, the tooth replacement options are less expensive, easier to maintain and can be less invasive than multiple teeth replacement options.


May 4th, 2017

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