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5on Google,Jun 13, 2024


Always a 5 star experience with Dr. Roberts and his staff! A++

5on Google,Jun 12, 2024


Excellent experience. Great staff, incredible dentist!

5on Google,Jun 07, 2024


According to my dad (John Adams), Travis is the best dentist around. He’s Uncle Travis to us. So much love in one place.

5on Google,Jun 03, 2024


1st timer and the whole office was amazing! Hannah was by far the best! She made me feel so comfortable. She guided me through every process the entire appointment. I left very satisfied.

5on Google,Jun 01, 2024


I was nervous going in for my procedure, but was quickly but at ease. Jamie, the assistant, was very thorough. Dr. Travis was quick and gentle. It was a pleasant experience. I recommend Adam's Dental.

5on Google,May 29, 2024


Been going there for 15 years. Best dentist I've ever been to! Their staff is very friendly and skilled! Highly recommended!!!

5on Google,May 29, 2024


Dr. Roberts and his Team are always, quick, efficient, and get me back on the road.

5on Google,May 23, 2024


Great customer service

5on Google,May 22, 2024


The staff is always professional and they do great work. I have been a patient for years and have consistently appreciated the great folks at Adams Dental Group.

5on Google,May 21, 2024


This Dental Office is a very organized and professional atmosphere. When you come in nervous not knowing anything about what is going on inside of your mouth, you are sure to leave with a good sense of relief after having a skilled professional staff is explaining everything medically to you step by step and aren't satisfied until you are clear with the overall process. Who does that? Don't just take my opinion and run with it! If you don't have a dentist of choice; I will encourage you to call or go to Adams Dental Group website and set up an appointment, follow their instructions and let me and others along with the staff know how you feel about the business!

4on Google,May 17, 2024


I'm scared to death of dentist, I've had a lot of bad experiences. When you know your mouth is in bad shape, the last thing you need is a lecture about it. I believe with good bedside matters there will come a time ⏲️ to have a heart ❤️ to heart. I absolutely think I found the right dentist. I didn't feel like crying or ashamed this time. Thank you!! God is good!

5on Google,May 16, 2024


Very happy with Adam's dental and their team. I am so glad Dr Robert's is my dentist! Everyone is pleasant nice and professional.

5on Google,May 15, 2024


The staff and the care is the best in KC

5on Google,May 13, 2024


I like how we were in and out so quickly! And I really liked the clean and professional office!

5on Google,May 10, 2024


I drive an hour to come to this dentist. There is a membership program for those without insurance that is the best deal I’ve seen in KC area. Service has been top notch, all prices were clearly defined prior to service and seem more reasonable than the other places I’ve been. Prior to my appointment the office is sending an invoice to insurance for a written document agreeing to the pay out amounts. This may be standard practice at some dentists but I have been places that don’t contact insurance first and the billing became a real headache. Stop reading reviews and just come here, they’re the best around!

5on Google,May 04, 2024


Dr. Roberts and staff and very friendly. They are always on top of your dental health with reminders, treatment plans and have great hours. I would highly recommend Dr. Roberts who is patient, caring and calming when it comes to patients that may be a little anxious.

5on Google,May 01, 2024


I am satisfied with the work and care you guys extend to the patient Thank you !

5on Google,Apr 27, 2024

M Sherrill

Thank you so much for your gracious services. All my questions were answered and I fully understood the answers that I was given. Everyone was so kind and friendly I can truly say I never had a cleaning that I didn't feel or have a sore mouth afterwards either and the explanations was great. I have to thank my husband for telling me to come in. I'm going to give you 10 stars you deserve it. Again thank you My husband’s been for the last two days for wisdom tooth problems and then oral surgery. Everything went fine for him Thank you for your great services on both days. They do what they have to do and move you out in a timely manner can’t beat that. A fine group of people. Thank you again. 10 /17/2023 On my God, the ladies done a great job. Couldn’t ask for anything better. They were more worried about me just like I was thankful for them. Great job ladies. Thank you Thank you 11/16/2023 Thank you so much for being so kind. All my questions were answered. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving with your families. 12/12/2023 My visit was short and I appreciate the way everything was explained to me. Got 3 more visit. Glad I can wear a mask, because I’m tired of people looking at my mouth. 1/4/2024 First of all Happy New Year My visit was very informal for the final procedure, but we got the job done. Have one more procedure and I will be just fine. Thank you so much 1/23/2024 My visit was great. . Enjoyed the outcome of everything. Thank you so much 1/24/2024 A follow up from my procedure with everything going very well. Thank you for all that you have done I really appreciate it. 2/7/2024 I need a final adjustment and then everything was just fine. Again thank both my dental assistant and the dentist for a great job well done. Again everyone there is very kind from the front office to the back. See you soon for my cleaning. Thank you thank you for everything. 3/26/2024 I liked the new addition and building you have expand too. My visit was a routine cleaning. Got to keep the teeth going. Thank you for being so nice and very professional. See you in April. 4/24/2024 My visit was a realignment of my denture so therefore everything was done very professionally. I was satisfied with the results. Thank you