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5on Google,Dec 14, 2019


Dr. Roberts made this dental procedure so relaxing I could almost take a nap while he was working on my teeth! Such a nice office with wonderful staff! 10/10

5on RateABiz,Dec 12, 2019


Great Experience I had my teeth cleaned and it was a great experience. The hygienist has very gentle hands and is friendly and makes you feel very relaxed.

5on Google,Dec 11, 2019


The best staff you will ever encounter at a dental clinic.

5on Google,Dec 11, 2019


Always smiling faces when i go to the d.d.s. even sometimes im in pain never had a bad experience with them

5on Google,Dec 11, 2019

Ruby Jewel

Today was my first time at Adam's Dental Group. I would give them a 10 rating, if I could. First class treatment. I received several calls prior to the appointment, so that there would be no surprises. Today the receptionist were courteous and so helpful. There were no wait time. My teeth have never had such a cleaning. I did not eat anything for a while, just to enjoy the clean feeling. The doctor was so professional, kind and friendly. I am so grateful that my other dentist, whom, I went to for over 40 years did not accept my new insurance. I wish that I had discovered Adam's many years ago. I will recommend them highly. I am a Satisfied patient INDEED!!

5on RateABiz,Dec 10, 2019


Best Dentist in town with the best assistants in the business!!!!

5on Google,Dec 10, 2019


Friendly staff who cares about your teeth. When I leave Adam's Dental Group West I leave with a smile knowing my teeth are really clean.

5on RateABiz,Dec 07, 2019


Great experience Everyone is very helpful and friendly my hygienist is wonderful. Dr Travis Roberts is the best.

5on Google,Dec 04, 2019


The Doctors, technicians, and staff are professional, friendly, and good at what they do. I enjoyed my visit today.

5on Google,Dec 03, 2019


First visit there. Long time patient of Dr Charles Boring, now retired. Tiffany is the absolute best. Dr Roberts also wonderful and put me at ease. Very likely that this will be my new dental home going forward

4on Google,Dec 02, 2019


Dr. Roberts is very nice, and informative. Some of the Dental Assistants can use a little more customer service training. I had my mouth open as wide as i could get it, and then one of the dental assistants yelled at me "open wider!!!! that was super rude.

5on Google,Nov 20, 2019


Very friendly and pleasant to do business with. Dr. Robets was extremely kind and professional at the same time. Solved my denture problem quickly and the cost was very fair. Would highly recommend the Adams Dental Group

5on Google,Nov 15, 2019


I had my teeth cleaned yesterday, Great service, friendly staff.