Is it possible, or fun, to avoid Halloween candy altogether? No! Have your candy and eat it too – while keeping your teeth in mind by avoiding oral health challenges, like sweet treats. Halloween is a great way to teach your kiddos some oral health tips and tricks to have a safe, cavity-free Halloween holiday. Here are some of our favorite tried and true candy tips:

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October 27th, 2020

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Toothaches can be a minor tinge letting you know that something is wrong or they can cause crippling pain… that’s why we wanted to share some common toothache causes and their symptoms.

What is a toothache? Pain or inflammation in or around the tooth, often caused by tooth decay or infection.


April 14th, 2020

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You’ve asked and we’re going to answer some of most common questions we get about Root Canal Treatment …

Keep reading to find out… What is a root canal? What are the symptoms? How can I avoid needing a root canal? And … is it gonna hurt?


January 7th, 2020

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