Any pain, ache, or soreness in your mouth is an unpleasant experience – also known as a toothache. Toothaches can cause sensitivity, both to temperature and touch (i.e. chewing), so it’s important to let your dentist know if you’re experiencing any of these oral issues. Once you notify your dentist, they can run a series of tests to diagnose the cause of your toothache and get you on a path to healing!


August 27th, 2019

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When your mouth gives you aches and pains, it can be difficult to know what you’re experiencing. Is it a simple twinge, or is it a sign that something more serious is happening? Small aches can easily turn into large problems if left untreated. Therefore, knowing if you’re experiencing a dental emergency, and getting quick, proper care is important to your health and can help you avoid future visits to the dentist.


July 9th, 2019

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