Did you know that every year there’s a National Tooth Fairy Day? Knowing this, it made us think about the Tooth Fairy and all the traditions surrounding the tooth-stealing, money-giving, winged creature that our kids have grown to know and love.

The Tooth Fairy role can actually teach your children about good oral health, and so, it’s a fun tradition to get your kiddos excited about all things teeth!

Is this tradition good for kids? Find out more HERE.

A Reason to Celebrate

According to Delta Dental, 80 percent of American households receive visits from the Tooth Fairy. When there’s the prospect of a visit from the Tooth Fairy, children can get excited and have a wonderful reason to celebrate. With all the new changes that COVID-19 has brought to our lives this year, simple things like losing a tooth is a major reason to celebrate as a family and make your children feel extra special.

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Psychiatrist, Dr. Carole Liberman talks about the importance of letting your children believe in this mythical creature to SheKnows, she says, “Parents should never stop the tooth fairy tradition — even once your child gets old enough, sophisticated enough or cynical enough to stop believing in fairies. Why? Because teeth falling out are unconsciously symbolic of death and as such, is disturbing at any age. For example, when you dream about teeth falling out, you are worrying about death — yours or someone else’s. So, pretending that a tooth fairy is giving your child a gift is soothing at any age during this transition.”

Check out this LINK to find Tooth Fairy certificates, door signs, receipts, and more!

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Oral Health Education

Along with celebrating the loss of a tooth, talking about the Tooth Fairy is a great way to educate your children about oral health. Try leaving a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss under your child’s pillow from the Tooth Fairy. The Tooth Fairy can also leave little notes about brushing teeth – with the added bonus of a little pixie dust.

There are many ways to make visits from the Tooth Fairy special, without money.

To discover alternative Tooth Fairy gifts HERE.

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August 11th, 2020

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