Taking care of your child’s oral health is very important. Their baby teeth set the foundation for their adult teeth. Tooth decay in baby teeth, especially if severe, can also affect permanent teeth. So, keeping your child’s mouth clean is crucial for their dental health now and into the future.

Implementing an oral health regimen at an early age is fundamental. Starting with healthy habits from the first few months of life better prepares your child for visits to your family dentist later. It also helps to prevent the occurrence of deterioration, cavities, and other detrimental issues. Dental health is pivotal, and this article offers information on why and how to take care of your child’s teeth from birth to age six, including when you should bring them to your family dentistry office.


When Can I Expect to See My Child’s First Teeth?

Between the ages of 6 and 12 months, parents will begin witnessing the growth of their child’s first teeth. Typically, the lower teeth eject through the gums first.

However, to ensure that your child’s teeth grow healthy and strong, you can introduce fluoride into the child’s diet and use oral baby wipes to clean the mouth as recommended. Adopting these and other habits, such as presenting your child with fluoride-infused water, can be very beneficial to their oral health. The mineral fluoride helps prevent tooth decay and other oral issues that can impact a child’s dental health.

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When Can I Begin Taking My Child to a Family Dentistry?

It is recommended that once your child’s first tooth appears, you consider taking them to the dentist. Getting a child familiar with seeing a dental hygienist has multiple advantages. It can help to eliminate fears, and it can also aid in implementing healthy habits that contribute to your child’s dental health. As the child continues to develop teeth, parents should be taking them to their family dentistry practice every six months.

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At What Age Will My Child’s Teeth Fall Out?

By the age of 3, children typically have a mouth full of baby teeth. Three to four years following this development, the roots begin to weaken, and the baby teeth start to fall out. Usually, the teeth that emerge first will also be the first to start loosening. This stage of losing primary teeth will continue up until the age of 12.


What Practices Can I Implement at Home for Healthy Teeth?

As soon as you notice your child’s teeth coming in, start cleaning the teeth.  Brushing twice a day and limiting the intake of sugary foods are your best starting points. You should also add twice a year cleanings or periodic examinations by a family dentistry professional to your child’s oral health routine.


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November 25th, 2018

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