The holiday season is a very festive time of the year. It is an occasion where family and friends gather together to bask in the holiday cheer and enjoy quality time. However, while everyone is socializing, snacking and drinking is at a high. Holiday treats are shared, and the food is always present in large amounts.

Despite it being a joyous holiday that permits people to indulge without apology, there are some things everyone should know. Holiday treats and drinks are often packed with sugar, which is known to lead to tooth decay and other unwanted dental conditions. Being mindful of what you consume during this joyous season, and choosing the best practices for oral hygiene, is crucial in limiting adverse dental effects.

Alcohol Consumption

The holidays are indeed a season where wine, cocktails, and various other alcoholic drinks are primarily consumed. After all, it is a time of celebration and cheer. However, it is important to note that alcohol does not have a friendly influence on your teeth. It has high sugar content, and the bacteria dwelling in your mouth thrives on sugar. As the bacteria and sugar mix, they cause a chemical reaction in your mouth that begins to attack your teeth, resulting in damage and deterioration.

Dehydration is also a factor and decreases the amount of saliva that is present in your mouth. Saliva shares a vital role in breaking down foods but also in washing away sugars and unwanted bacteria in your mouth. When saliva is no longer present, your mouth becomes a dry environment that is conducive for bacteria to flourish and attach to the teeth. The result is tooth decay.

You may also notice staining from dark-colored drinks is an issue once the holiday season is over. These drinks often change the color of the teeth.

To combat issues of sugar, dehydration, and staining, drink more water to flush the mouth and carry a mini toothbrush to give the teeth a good cleaning. Most importantly, carry out a complete oral hygiene routine at the end of the night.

Sugary Foods – Cakes, Candies & Treats

Sweet treats are some of the most prevalent types of foods during the holiday season. Sugar cookies, cupcakes, candies, chocolates, cakes, and many others are staples for this time of the year. Without much hesitation, many people eat away at these treats as they mingle with family and friends. Although these foods are enjoyable for your taste buds, your teeth do not share the same sentiments.

As mentioned, sugar is not beneficial for your teeth, especially when consumed heavily. The continuous introduction of sugar to the mouth provides constant fuel for bacteria, accelerating tooth decay.  Again, limiting your sugar intake or choosing to rinse your mouth between snacks will prove beneficial for your oral health.

Adams Dental Group Can Provide Excellent Oral Care

After the holiday season has passed, and substantial amounts of sugar and alcohol have been consumed, it is time to visit the dentist. Oral care becomes exceptionally critical after a period of continuous snacking. Plaque buildup is detrimental to teeth, and a professional check-up and cleaning are highly recommended. If you wish to book an appointment with our office, contact us. Our team will be more than happy to assist.

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December 4th, 2018

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