Did you know that SureSmile aligners are often called invisible braces, or clear braces? They utilize the newest technology in orthodontics to create a straight and beautiful smile. You can straighten your smile with clear aligners, as they are way less obvious than the traditional method of wires and metal brackets used in traditional braces. Instead, they’re clear and almost non-traceable, all while providing the same long-lasting results as traditional braces. They may seem like a magic trick, but they’re real, and provide real results to boot.

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Major Advantages with SureSmile Aligners 

In a nutshell, clear aligners work similarly to braces. They slowly move your teeth (AKA, straighten them) over time. However, the differences are major. SureSmile invisible aligners are clear, removeable, and often work faster than traditional braces. Here’s a breakdown of some of the major advantages to straighten your smile with SureSmile:

  • SureSmile aligners are super simple to keep clean.
  • SureSmile aligners are fully adjustable and can be adjusted throughout your time wearing them.
  • They’re comfortable and won’t cause the usual irritation in your gums and cheeks like traditional braces.
  • They’re virtually unnoticeable.
  • They’re affordable and fit in your budget.

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Trustworthy Methods

We put our trust in SureSmile aligners for a reason. They use cutting-edge products and offer multiple, comprehensive tools to customize your individual needs to formulate the perfect treatment plan for you. They offer treatment planning software, appliance fabrication, and support to help guide you through your clear aligners and answer any questions you may have. SureSmile is at the forefront of superior, precise, and safe clear aligners.

The Science Behind the Process: Why SureSmile?

The Process

Now that we know SureSmile aligners are trustworthy and provide numerous advantages for straighter teeth, let’s go over the process for getting them.

  1. First, your orthodontist will take a 3D digital model of your teeth. This model will be sent off to SureSmile, where they create the perfect clear aligners for your teeth from the 3D mold.
  2. Similar to braces, SureSmile aligners will gradually move your teeth to where they need to go. They’re made with a strong and durable plastic material. So, you’ll be wearing your aligners throughout the day.
  3. Once it’s time, you’ll switch to your new aligner and continue the process of wearing for the recommended time (usually around 20 hours a day, and two weeks with each aligner).
  4. Depending on your specific case, you’ll wear your aligners from anywhere between 6 months to two years.

Let’s Have a Conversation

You can see there are a lot of cosmetic dentistry options and it all starts with a conversation. We can help restore not only the beauty of your smile, but also the form and function of your teeth. Please schedule a consultation with Dr. Roberts at Adams Dental Group we look forward to talking with you and creating a treatment especially for you.

If you’re interested in learning more about SureSmile clear aligners to straighten your smile, please give us a call today!

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March 23rd, 2021

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