As you may know, periodontal disease or sometimes better known as perio disease or gum disease is one of the most serious and often troublesome oral health concerns that a patient may face in their lifetime primarily for two reasons:

  1. What gum disease truly is, is a progressive infection that starts within the gums (hence the name) and spreads throughout the mouth potentially damaging or even destroying your teeth, and/or jawbone. While this in and of itself is a major issue, often the primary concern is the interactive nature of periodontal disease. As it is known to interact with or exacerbate other health conditions, and can even trigger additional illnesses. This may include conditions such as heart disease, respiratory disease, or a progressive worsening in someone’s diabetes.
  2. A second and perhaps lesser known cause of concern is the deceptive nature of periodontal disease, something that has earned the disease both a bad reputation and a peculiar nickname. Unfortunately for many who have suffered from perio disease in the past, the disease was not treated until irreversible damage had already been done. This is due to the disease not being detected by the patient in its initial stage (known as gingivitis); as early symptoms of gum disease may seem relatively minor. These symptoms may include; bleeding or swollen gums, redness, chronic bad breath, and teeth that feel loose or seem more pronounced. Because these early symptoms are frequently dismissed, the infection will continue to progress unbeknownst to the patient, unless recognized by your dentist, or until symptoms worsen. It is in this sense that gum disease can gradually creep up on a person without notice. This leads gum disease to be unceremoniously referred to as “the creeper” in some circles, as it is usually not detected until reaching its second or third stages.


September 12th, 2017

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