When you are experiencing serious problems in your oral health, there are a variety of different treatments and procedures to address the concern. In some cases, a tooth—or teeth—might be saved with a technique like a root canal. In other situations, however, dentures might be more appropriate. But when are they the best choice, and who benefits the most?


When Are Dentures an Option?

Dentures, also commonly known as “false teeth,” are a set of synthetic, lab manufactured replacements that are designed to sit on top of your gums. This composition and structure do not make them a perfect “match” for teeth, primarily because they are not anchored directly into your gums the way the original teeth were.

Not everyone is an ideal candidate. Someone who is only missing one or two teeth, for example, may be a better fit for dental implants. But a dental professional will often suggest dentures for the following reasons.

  1. Severe Gum Disease

If a patient has a severe case of periodontal disease, which goes well beyond the less severe and more easily treatable infections like gingivitis, dentures may be a suggested alternative. Dental implants, for example, need very healthy gums in order for the implants to properly anchor. Because dentures don’t have this requirement, they are often a better solution in cases where patients have poor gum health.

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  1. Many Decaying Teeth

If it’s not the gums that are infected, but the teeth themselves that have already started to decay, dentures are certainly a good solution. Considering the financial angle, if there are many rotting teeth, it may simply be more cost-effective to remove the remaining teeth than to pay for a costly root canal in an effort to save as many teeth as possible.

  1. Missing Many Teeth

Missing many teeth will affect the way you eat, the way you speak and, eventually, even the shape of your jaw as time passes. So this is a condition you want to address. Dentures may be right for you if you’re already in a situation where you may have had teeth removed due to infection, or because an accident caused many of them to be knocked out.

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Making It Count

Dentures can be a very important part of living a normal, daily life, so while there may be some temptation to go cheap with them, understand the risks! Cheap dentures often mean you are sacrificing everyday comfort to pay a little less upfront. Most inexpensive dentures are less durable and often fit less comfortably than higher quality dentures.

With a better product, not only do you get accurate measurements for teeth that are custom-fit to your mouth, you will enjoy greater durability. The better fit also means a much higher chance of the set staying in your mouth, looking more natural, and requiring less repair and maintenance or replacement in the long run.


Ask Your Dentist

If you’re unsure about whether dentures are right for you, then make sure to ask the professionals. Talk to Dr. Roberts about any of your concerns, and see what a proper evaluation reveals about you, your mouth, and your eligibility for dentures.


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July 10th, 2018

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