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When we are younger, we often associate the word year with a prolonged period of time, which to a child in school may seem almost endless. However, as we grow older and our perception of life expands, we come to understand that a simple twelve-month year, isn’t really that much time at all.  Therefore, its important when scheduling any mandatory requirements (work meetings, doctors’ appointments, and family events) to be mindful of this, and be wary of the fact that if we procrastinate or are not paying attention, time can quickly pass us by!

Therefore, when compiling a list of yearly requirements, a dental appointment may not sound like the biggest priority, or at at least like something that could be put on the back-burner for a while. However, this is probably not the best move as unlike some yearly requirements, to truly give your teeth the proper care they need, a dental appointment scheduled twice each year.

Dental Appointment: It Takes Two

Probably one of the most common misconceptions about a dental appointment is that many people believe their sole purpose is to search for cavities or cracks and abrasions and nothing more. While it’s true that Dr. Roberts does look for such things when conducting a basic exam, there are in fact numerous reasons as to why these routine dental checkups are so important. Therefore, making it a strong recommendation for you receive a dental appointment every six-months.

Dental Appointment: Three Reasons for Six-Month Appointments

Reason 1: Prevent or Reduce Pain

As anyone who’s ever broken a tooth can probably attest to, breaking or damaging a tooth is a pain in more ways than one. Oral pain can be caused by numerous issues, such as fractures or abrasions in your teeth and gum disease. It’s important to keep in mind that even if you are not experiencing any current issues, we would all agree that it is preferable to prevent discomfort before it occurs, as opposed to dealing with it after.

Reason 2: Save Money

Imagine if you never took the time to have your car serviced. As you can probably imagine, eventually your car would fall into a state of neglect and need repairs. However, if this neglect continued, the more repair work your car would need; therefore, the cost of the work needed would be increased. This concept is the same with your teeth, as with anything used on a daily basis, regular maintenance is required. If you take the time to have Dr. Roberts thoroughly examine your teeth in the recommended twice a year dental appointment routine, then you are far less likely to require much more serious and costly procedures in the long run. This makes the twice a year routine something of an investment for you and your family’s future.

Reason 3: Early Detection

Undoubtedly one of the most important but often overlooked services offered by today’s dental practitioners is the oral cancer screening.  Oral cancer screenings are included as part of your routine dental exam, and although they might seem like a small part of the procedure, this seemingly mundane aspect can in fact save lives. Although oral cancer causes approximately 7,500 deaths annually in the U.S. alone, oral cancer can be treated easily if detected early. Therefore, it is extremely important that Dr. Roberts give a formal examination for any unusual spots, swelling, or other abnormalities, particularly if you are a regular user of tobacco or alcohol products. Sure it might not seem like a big deal, but an oral cancer screening could in fact save your life!

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Dental Appointment: Time Is of the Essence!

As the year progresses, for most of us there is clearly much to do, and many things to consider. However, despite our numerous requirements and busy schedules, by taking time to receive that two oh-so important dental appointment twice each year, you are taking a major step in preventing future problems that may occur.

So remember when it comes time to schedule your dental appointment … “Twice a year, you’re in the clear!”

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October 10th, 2017

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