Take a big bite out of that juicy apple (or slice of cheesy pizza!!) … did you think about the taste OR did you think, “I can’t take a bite, I’m missing a tooth”?!?!

We take our teeth for granted every day when they are healthy. But, if one (or two) is missing … that’s another story! It’s embarrassing and inconvenient to be without a tooth or teeth, not to mention over time it can change your entire smile! We work with a lot of patients at Adams Dental Group that want to have their smile AND their bite, back!

The three types of tooth replacement options are dentures, bridges and implants. Each type is vastly different, and your specific needs must be taken into consideration for each. If you are only missing one tooth, the tooth replacement options are less expensive, easier to maintain and can be less invasive than multiple teeth replacement options.

If you or a loved one have a missing tooth and are looking into tooth replacement options, we have put together the three most common options to consider.

Tooth Replacement Option #1: Removable partial dentures

When a single or multiple teeth are missing, these customized dentures fit the specific area that needs replaced or can span the width of your entire upper or lower arch. Used to fix functional or aesthetic issues, this option is necessary when there aren’t enough healthy and supportive teeth adjacent to the gaps. Many patients prefer partial dentures because they can be removed for easy cleaning, or if your gums become sore from extended use. They typically require no grinding down of the healthy adjacent teeth and tend to be less expensive. However, the dentures aren’t as natural or flexible, causing stability and comfort issues. Tooth-supported bridges may affect your eating and speech. Just like other non-implant options, the bone underneath a removable partial denture may deteriorate over time, which can change the appearance of your smile and face. Another drawback is losing the device and needing to have it replaced, which leads some people to look for a more permanent solution.

Tooth Replacement Option #2: Tooth-supported fixed bridge

Second in popularity to implants, is the tooth-supported fixed bridge. The healthy teeth next to the gap are ground down then a bridge is added across those teeth to attach and support the crown. This option requires more on-going maintenance to guarantee proper function because it is not implanted into the bone. Because there is no tooth or implant stimulating the jawbone, the natural bone underneath a tooth-supported bridge will deteriorate over time changing the appearance of your face and smile.

Tooth Replacement Option #3: Dental Implant

The third and perhaps the favorite, most coveted tooth replacement option available is the dental implant. Unlike the two previous options, a dental implant is more like an actual tooth that has been specifically created to replace your old one with no additional supports. This ceramic, custom made tooth is strategically placed onto the jawbone of the patient. This helps to stimulate the bone under the tooth, which avoids bone loss and retains the natural shape of the face. Eventually the bone and gums grow around the implant, and becomes the permanent replacement for the missing tooth. This makes enjoying your favorite foods a reality. Although dental implants are more expensive than the previously mentioned tooth replacement options, they require the least amount of maintenance and attention as the others, in addition to providing an authentic feel like a natural tooth. If properly cared for, a dental implant can be the most durable of any of the tooth replacement options and can last a lifetime, making it very cost effective.

Now what?

Healthy teeth and gums can change more than just the way you eat; your happiness and quality of life can depend on them. Tooth replacement is a very personal decision that includes a lot of variables that are based on your personal needs. It is very important that you work together, with your dentist, to come up with the best customized solution for you.

Dr. Travis Roberts at Adams Dental Group works very closely with his patients to determine the best treatment solution and thoroughly explains each tooth replacement option to make sure you understand the process and all of the pros and cons of each.


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May 4th, 2017

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