It’s sometimes said that you can tell a lot about a person from their smile, so what does your smile say about you and are teeth whitening services something you should consider?

For the majority of people, the obvious desired response would be along the lines of: beauty, warmth, attractiveness, and an overall since of positivity. While certainly this may be true, unfortunately even the brightest of smiles can be dampened by the often-unforgiving test of time.  As beautiful as a pearly white “Hollywood Smile” can be, the life of a tooth is usually far from glamorous. Charged with the difficult task of breaking down food particles for consumption, your teeth often take one heck of a beating. While tough and sturdy by nature, a prolonged period of this will certainly begin to take its toll. From slight discoloration to large protruding dark stains, the unsightly wear and tear on a once flawless smile is a sad sight indeed; however, it certainly doesn’t have to be!

Teeth Whitening Services: Whitening Trays

For many years, teeth whitening services have been very popular. As having one’s teeth professionally whitened has been one of the simplest and most commonly used methods of restoring an aging smile to its former glory.  While it’s extremely important to practice proper oral hygiene (thoroughly brushing, rinsing, and flossing) on a routine basis, if you have begun to develop stains in your enamel, only professional grade whitening can truly remove the discoloration.

To achieve this, Dr. Roberts and his staff at Adams Dental Group provide an excellent service in which clear, shell-like whitening trays are placed within the mouth of the patient, in order to reverse the effects of a tooth’s aging. These innovative new whitening trays are light weight, and custom made to easily fit over your teeth, thereby holding and continuously soaking your teeth in the peroxide solution. This is to be done on both upper and lower teeth and might take a few days to fully complete. To continue this process, Dr. Roberts and his staff will give you a thorough lesson and set of instructions on how to apply the carbamide peroxide solution to the tray, and properly coat you gumline with desensitizing gel to prevent any pain or discomfort. Although the idea of continuing this at home might sound difficult at first, once familiar with the process it becomes quite easy, and of course you can call us if you have any questions!

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Teeth Whitening Services: Reasons for Whitening

  1. Teeth Whitening Services that utilize whitening trays are one of the most popular provided among our patients at Adams Dental, as they have proven themselves to be extremely effective in eliminating the different kinds of marks and blemishes attributed to numerous hazards that may affect your smile.  Certain beverage types are the most common hazards/causes of discolored teeth. Popular beverages such as coffee, tea, and particularly red wine, are perhaps some of the worst culprits of discoloration, as each may instantly and noticeably effect your teeth.

2. Although obviously more prevalent among children, sugary hard candy (such as mints, lollypops, and jolly ranchers) can also lead to similar stains and blemishes, as they are required to be sucked on for a prolonged period of time.

3. A third and rather unfortunate cause of discoloration may at times be due to prescription medicine use. While certainly not always the case, distorted coloration of ones’ teeth has occasionally occurred as a side effect of certain medications or combination thereof; requiring alterations to prescriptions or further medical examination. However, unquestionably the biggest hazard and cause for stained teeth is tobacco use. Whether chewed or smoked, excessive tobacco usage will almost certainly lead to eventual staining and additional oral problems. Although a teeth whitening services and professional whitening will temporarily provide cosmetic relief, it cannot reverse the inevitable damage tobacco use will cause to your teeth or to your body.


Teeth Whitening Services: Professional Whitening vs. OTC Whitening

Although having your teeth professionally whitened is a common procedure performed by most dentists, there are in fact alternative whitening methods. For years OTC (over the counter) trays and whitening strips have been available for purchase at local pharmacies and convenience stores across the country. Although relatively cheap and easy to obtain, these simplistic and moderately-priced whitening trays are not without their drawbacks and therefore are not typically recommended by most dentists, including Dr. Roberts.

Drawbacks to OTC Whitening:

  • By requiring the user to administer the whitening devices at home without prior instruction, if incorrectly applied, they can have less than satisfactory results. In the past, users of OTC whitening products have complained of their cumbersome nature, and inability to fully remove all blemishes, sometimes resulting in a patchy and unnatural appearance.
  • Some have also claimed that the use of such products can cause discomfort such as throat irritation and extreme tooth sensitivity, when exposed to hot or cold temperatures.
  • Perhaps the most commonly reported drawback of OTC whiting products is the painful gum blistering due to seepage of the solution. By incorrectly mixing the ration of peroxide solution, or due to the trays simply being ill-fitting (hence the advantage of a custom-made tray); by coming into contact with the gum tissue, the solution will burn the tissue thereby causing the gums to blister and recede, sometimes resulting in permanent damage and tissue loss.


Teeth Whitening Services: Don’t lose your smile!

As mentioned previously, the obstacles and hazards that your teeth face on a regular basis are truly overwhelming. Yes, those pearly white chompers of yours may be strong and beautiful now; however, time can certainly be a cruel mistress! So, don’t let your smile grow dim, and don’t settle for less. Come see us at Adams Dental Group and give your smile the professional grade whitening it deserves!

Remember it’s sometimes said that you can tell a lot about a person from their smile, so what does your smile say about you?


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May 8th, 2018

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