Sometimes, although we want our teeth to last throughout our lives, tooth extraction may be necessary. Your dentist may suggest removing a tooth for the good of your oral health, and there are numerous reasons as to why you may need a tooth extraction.

Reasons for Tooth Extractions

  • Crowding: if there is no room in your mouth for new teeth to come in, a dentist will often recommend having it extracted. Your dentist will want your teeth to be healthy and aligned, and overcrowding can cause misalignment. Therefore wisdom teeth are often extracted before they become impacted and cause crowding.
  • Infection: When tooth decay becomes severe, a root canal is often the first treatment option. However, if the infection persists after a root canal, extraction would be the next stage. This will stop the spread of infection. Risk of infection is another reason for tooth extraction. If your immune system is compromised, risk of infection may lead to extraction of a tooth.

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How Tooth Extraction Works

There are two types of tooth extractions – surgical and nonsurgical. According to the Doctors Ueckery and Bradley, surgical tooth extraction is the most common surgical procedure in the USA. However, sometimes the tooth may be seen above the gum line and your dentist can remove it without surgery. This is a simple extraction.

However, often, gum tissue and bone may need to be removed to extract a tooth – this is surgical extraction. By taking an X-Ray and examining your tooth, your dentist or oral surgeon can determine whether simple or surgical extraction is needed. Before a surgical tooth extraction, you will be given a local or general anesthetic to numb the area. This will eliminate the pain while your dentist removes the tooth. Once the tooth is extracted, stitches are sometimes used to close the gum edges. Since surgical extractions are so common, there is nothing to worry about!

Recovery after Tooth Extractions:

Make sure to follow your post-extraction recovery directions after your tooth extraction.

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August 13th, 2019

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